Customised solutions and a wide range of materials at our disposal. This makes our liquid coolers and air-cooled condensers for industrial applications suitable for any use and requirement: ranging from suitability for use in aggressive environments to noise and vibration reduction.
The large-scale heat exchangers are ideal for the most demanding industries, such as the naval, military, oil & gas, offshore and nuclear sectors.

We specialise in creating system-cooling equipment for industrial processes in various sectors:

  • energy generation
  • cogeneration and trigeneration
  • cooking oil production
  • power generation data centres
  • generic industrial processes

We use cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technologies. This is thanks to the constant work of our research and development department which identifies innovative solutions and materials.
Our customised solutions and range of heat exchanger models and shapes make it possible to create highly-versatile finned pack heat exchangers that provide superior performance. Refrion equipment offers a high thermodynamic yield, even in adverse environmental conditions, whilst keeping sound emission levels and energy consumption low.

  • Compact design for an optimal space-saving solution.
  • Bespoke dimensions
  • A quick-to-install and connect design
  • Wide range of coatings for better resistance in highly-aggressive environments.

Dry Coolers

Remote condensers