Adiabatic systems are standard products or accessories for Dry Coolers and Remote Condensers able to increase the relative humidity of the air passing through the exchanger, so as to decrease the temperature and increase heat exchange.
This happens through the physical principle of the latent evaporation heat in which the water, by evaporating, absorbs heat from the air entering the heat exchanger, lowering its temperature.


The adiabatic saturation reduces the suction air temperature (respect to the ambient air) and therefore the efficiency of the heat exchanger increases. The adiabatic saturation temperature lowers – since evaporating water removes heat – though it is still higher than the dew temperature, as evaporation itself raises the partial pressure of water vapour. Thanks to Refrion’s systems, the adiabatic saturation guarantees an increase of the relative humidity up to the whole saturation of the air (R.H.=100%)
Refrion has developed 3 different adiabatic systems, to guarantee maximum system efficiency for different environmental conditions and a single control system for their management.


In choosing the most appropriate Refrion adiabatic system for the installation needs, it’s necessary to consider the following parameters:

  • Estimated annual operating hours
  • Percentage of increase in relative humidity obtainable
  • Percentage of saturation obtainable
  • Maximum reduction of the obtainable air temperature.

The choice also leads to different consequences in terms of initial investment, subsequent operating management costs, savings in terms of electricity and water used, duration (see table below).

Refrion guides you to the selection through the software calculation Web Selector for selecting the most suitable products and systems for your needs. In addition Refrion provides you a consultant from the technical office to support you to find the ideal solution for your next installation