Web Selector

Web Selector, the new calculation software for Refrion units. It allows you to select the ventilated equipment (liquid coolers and remote air cooled condensers) that best meets your specific needs, by calculating its performance in the actual conditions in which it will be used. Web Selector software is based on thermodynamic algorithms, and its results have been tested on actual units in a certified laboratory.
Unlike its predecessor, the stand-alone Selector, which was based on the interpolation of a significant quantity of data from a database, the new Web Selector is extremely versatile, allowing you to check the performance of your chosen units in various conditions quickly and accurately, giving designers a useful tool to ensure their chosen solution is suitable. Web Selector also allows you to choose from Refrion’s wide range of accessories, so the unit can be customised to produce a solution that best meets the specific needs of the system.
Because Web Selector is an online tool, any changes to the Refrion catalogue are updated in real time. It is also possible to download a datasheet and quote for your chosen unit, either by saving it onto your server or exporting it remotely to your computer.

Access to Web Selector