An atomising system on board of the unit creates a very thin water particle mist which by adiabatic evaporating brings the suction air to a homogeneous and almost complete adiabatic saturation. The effect is a reduction of the suction air temperature (respect to the ambient air) and therefore an increased efficiency of the heat exchanger.

  • Hydrophilic coating of the aluminium fins: weakens the surface tension of water and expedites the formation of a thin film of water on the fins.
  • Control box (protection class IP65) factory fitted on the unit and fitted with electronic controls.
  • Main inlet and drain solenoid valves.
  • Thermostat to command the drainage of the system in the cold season.
  • Pressure regulator and gauge, pressure switch.
  • Water strainer.
  • SOFTWATER device to help preventing scale on the fins.
  • Sparge system factory fitted to the unit and made of 25mm UV resistant multilayer tubes with atomising nozzles.

  • Adiabatic temperature saturation is a thermodynamic property of humid air. It represents the temperature that can be achieved by air when it reaches the saturation condition through an adiabatic transformation.
  • The adiabatic saturation temperature lowers - since evaporating water removes heat - though it is still higher than the dew temperature, as evaporation itself raises the partial pressure of water vapour.
Ambient Air Condition: TAMB = 32,0°C Relative Humidity R.H. = 50%
Calculation Air Condition: TCALC = 26,3°C Relative Humidity R.H. = 80%
  • Due to the adiabatic saturation made possible by the Spray Adiabatic System, the Refrion design model provides an increase in relative humidity of 30% (ΔR.H. = 30%) up to a maximum of 80% (R.H. = 80%).

  • The unit can be sized according to an air inlet design temperature that is much lower than the ambient temperature (TCALC << TAMB) (see example).
  • A smaller sized unit, with a smaller heat exchanger surface can be selected.
  • The unit can be used to cool the liquid to a temperature lower than the ambient temperature.
  • The Industrial Adiabatic System combined with “EC” electronic switching fans, an “Intelliboard” PLC or with a Speed controller, lowers energy consumption, Sound Emission Levels and optimizes water use.
  • No risk of legionella contamination.

The air temperature reduction and the consequent increase of the unit capacity is obtained by spraying water into the air sucked in.
The air is invested by a thin mist of water droplets generated by special spray nozzles: therefore the air is humidified and cooled with values that depend on the operating conditions.
Thanks to this extremely efficient and reliable system, the inlet air temperature can be reduced by more than 5K. 

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