Conceived for the homogeneous and continuous speed control of EC motors and for the monitoring and the diagnostics via MODBUS networking of systems installed on the units. In combination with the technology of the EC motors, it allows the most versatile use, energy saving and noise control.
  1. Power supply: 3-phase 380-480V/50-60Hz.
  2. Certifications: UL, CSA, EC.
  3. UV resistant; protection class IP55.
  4. CAREL 4,3” touchscreen color display.
  5. Protective Screen.
  6. Lockable door.
  7. Main switch.
  8. Key operated switch for maintenance.
  9. Fans alarm red light.
  10. CAREL Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
  11. “FLEXI” multi-pin plug/socket connectors.
  12. Fans protection with circuit breakers.
Complete management of the system through the most common protocols in HVAC/R applications. A. Full control with more than 900 parameters available via MODBUS® from BMS (building management system): standard (MODBUS RS485) and on request (LonWorks®, BACnetTM, SNMP, Konnex®). B. MODBUS RS485 serial communication protocol for the monitoring and the diagnostics of the parameters of the fans, of the regulator, of the probes (pressure and temperature) and of the switchboard alarms. Failures and malfunctions are spotted univocally and in detail. 
Technical Data
  1. Integral proportional temperature control.
  2. Allows control from BMS (building management system) via 0-10V signal (ref.: speed or set-point).
  3. Allows separate regulation of two rows of fans and independently from each other (eg. different speeds of rotation).
  4. Provides output 0-10V according to the speed of the fans.
  5. Software Update via USB, with no need of a PC.
  6. Cleaning of the coils by means of a counterclockwise operation of the fans.
  7. Free contacts for remote control of the regulator.
  8. Free contacts for fans malfunction alarm signal.
  9. Programmable free contacts.
  10. Optional: allows the Ethernet connection (eg: monitoring of parameters on a web-page, remote assistance from the factory, software updates, etc).
  11. Optional: sends alarm messages to up to 10 users, if the e-mail addresses are stored in the PLC and if the connection to the Ethernet network is active.

Fans Management
Machine Management

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