The selection software that revolutionises the way people choose the air-cooled unit that best suits your plant. 
Practical, fast, accurate, upgraded and enhanced.

The new Web-SELECTOR, a software that helps you select air-cooled units, was developed, designed and made to order by Refrion.
Reasons why you ought to choose Web-SELECTOR:
  • It is the first platform to be entirely available online, accessible from your PC and remotely from any mobile device. This means easy access without any downloads and automatic and real-time software upgrades, without wasting user’s time.
  • It’s more than just a plain selector: it’s a thermodynamic calculation software that guarantees maximum reliability of the measured data.
  • It ensures maximum freedom to users, expanding the options in terms of verifiable input conditions and always guarantees a response suited to their needs. This translates into less need to contact the Technical Office, which is necessary only for special requests under extreme conditions.
  • It offers a broader range of Refrion-branded, air-cooled units than its predecessor, extending the adiabatic system implementation and introducing the new Ecooler range, as well as a series of latest generation accessories.
  • The next releases, expected very soon, will introduce other new and exciting features: the option for users to automatically measure the sound spectra of selected units and an enhanced energy analysis which will highlight the benefits offered by Refrion units in terms of energy saving and cost efficiency.
Plus, a whole other set of added features, not to mention the further extension of the range of products available in the catalogue.

To start using the software, simply log in to the website refrion.com, click on the dedicated area and subscribe to this new and innovative service that Refrion offers to all its customers, choosing your own username and password.

With Web-SELECTOR, Refrion has now made choosing more practical and easier. Settling for any old selector, instead, will become harder and harder.

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