Refrion presents the Hybrid Spray System H.S.S.

The hybrid adiabatic system for complete air humidification.


The Refrion Research and Development Department, which constantly tries to introduce innovative products and technologies on the HVAC/R market, has developed the new Hybrid Spray System (HSS). 
Operators in the sector were able to get a first glimpse of the new system at the Chillventa 2016 trade fair, where it was installed on a COMBO liquid-cooler. “The new hybrid adiabatic system lets you optimise unit performance, reducing the temperature of the intake air by combining the principle of the adiabatic saturation of air with the direct nebulisation of water on the heat exchanging surface of the air-cooled equipment” says Andrea Grion, Refrion technical manager.
“Compared to existing Refrion adiabatic systems, HSS can completely saturate the air with moisture, lowering air inlet temperature by up to -10K. 
This means less electrical power is absorbed by the fans, as the heat exchanger operates with a colder flow, and so it requires less airflow and the fans can run slower”. HSS completes the range of adiabatic systems offered by Refrion, and specifically meets high-utilisation system requirements (1,000 hours/year). 
The new hybrid system complements the three other systems produced by Refrion: the spray adiabatic system, and the open- and closed-circuit industrial adiabatic systems (PADS).

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