New Gas Cooler range. 

Refrion responds positively to the problem of global warming.


Recognition of the high global warming potential (GWP) and environmental impact of HFC (hydrofluorocarbon) atmospheric emissions means that there is increasing pressure on industry to seek viable and efficient alternatives.
Among natural refrigerants, CO2, which is non-flammable and non-toxic, has proved to be a sustainable option of low environmental impact.
The gas cooler replaces the traditional remote condenser in equipment developed to use CO2 as the sole refrigerant. In contrast to the traditional remote condenser, in the gas cooler carbon dioxide flows through pipes at high temperature and pressure, and is cooled by atmospheric air forced through a finned exchanger without changing state, i.e. without liquefying.
To enable functioning of this kind, maximum operating temperatures and pressures are considerably higher, reaching 130 barg and 150°C. 
Refrion has therefore developed a heat exchanger with a finned core that uses materials capable of withstanding the high stresses encountered, and special construction techniques to offset the effects of thermal expansion. 
Equipped with standard AC fans, or electronically commutated EC fans (single-phase or three-phase), Refrion Gas Coolers have a guaranteed heat transfer capability of well over 300kW.
Another possibility is to implement Refrion's Industrial Adiabatic System (PADS), which makes it possible to lower the gas exit temperature even further (thus improving the overall system efficiency) or extend the use of CO2 systems to geographical zones where summer temperatures are particularly high. It is also possible to minimise water consumption by means of a skid for the recirculation of water required for the Industrial Adiabatic System to function. In line with the company mission, Refrion also offers a large number of accessories and customisation options for its gas coolers, enabling it to satisfy every customer need.

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