Refrion offers professional and structured after-sales service to support its customers throughout the life cycle of their products.

In particular:

• System start-up service: Refrion provides a network of qualified technicians for the in-field verification of correct installation procedures.
Upon request, the service also provides for the optimization of parameters relating to machine operation and any adiabatic system.
The system start-up service offers an extension of standard warranty terms.
• Maintenance agreements: Regular maintenance is the basis for the correct and efficient operation of Refrion units. Our motto is Verify to prevent.
For this reason, we offer a variety of revolving ordinary assistance programmes, with set schedules or on call, based upon product type and customer needs and specific customer request; we provide our Authorized Technical Assistance Centres for special maintenance activities or for the complete restoration of the functions of the installed Refrion unit.
• Assistance service: Refrion relies on a wide network of service centres in Italy and abroad to guarantee quick and cost-effective operations for any type of work requested by the customer.
Local technical support is always assisted by the Refrion technical office, which will verify in person with on-site inspections or maintenance operations. 
• Spare parts: Refrion provides the replacement of original parts in case of wear or malfunction. The on-site shipping service is guaranteed in the shortest possible times from the time of request, depending on the type of component ordered.
• Accessories: After installation and commissioning, the Refrion ventilated units can be also be integrated and enhanced by an extensive range of accessories available on site. To verify the compatibility of the desired accessory with the supplied product, contact the Refrion Customer service, making sure that you have on hand the identification number of the ventilated unit.

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