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Our Dry Coolers and Condensers are designed and manufactured to ensure maximum efficiency and quality for the process and data centre cooling, industrial and commercial refrigeration, and domestic air conditioning sectors. Refrion offers both standard and customised solutions for any system requirement.

The dry coolers cool process liquids in data centre cooling, industrial refrigeration and domestic air conditioning applications.
These finned-pack heat exchangers can be adapted to adiabatic technology and innovative “free cooling” applications, in order to maximise the energy ratio.

The Refrion condensers are external condensing units that are suited to various applications aimed at optimising process cooling, data centre cooling, industrial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration systems. The condensers can be adapted to any system requirement and are available in the High Efficiency Range configuration and with CO2 as a refrigerant.

Various-sized, ultra-high-performing coils, suitable for any solution in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.
The wide range of Refrion coils ensures cutting-edge technology for any system requirement.

Refrion offers customised industrial dry cooler and condenser solutions suited to any use and requirement. Thanks to the constant commitment of our research and development department, we use cutting-edge technologies with a low environmental impact to manufacture our system-cooling appliances.

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Service Refrion

From the installation to the commissioning of the units, from the scheduled maintenance to the Revamping interventions, from the operator training to the technical support: the Refrion service, enhanced over the years, is our new flagship to support the customer in all phases of the life cycle of the plant.



Customers choose Refrion for the experience and professionalism that has always set us apart. We offer customised dry cooler and condenser solutions to satisfy various design needs and test these solutions in our Climatic Chamber by emulating the actual operating conditions to which the machine will be subjected.



Technological innovation and excellent environmental sustainability. Refrion has become synonymous with evolution and performance in the industrial refrigeration and ventilated equipment sectors. Worldwide. Dry Coolers, remote air-cooled condensers and heat exchangers designed custom-made for specific system needs.

Adiabatic System

We were one of the first companies to introduce the adiabatic system; an innovation that has revolutionised the industrial refrigeration sector. With a wide range of solutions and in-depth know-how, Refrion is a leader in adiabatic technology.

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In order to be able to test our Dry Coolers in-house, we decided to build the largest climatic chamber in Europe. That is because we guarantee performance with facts, not words. We test our machinery in all weather conditions, in order to guarantee their perfect efficiency.

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Oval Tube

We are the exclusive inventors and patent holders of the innovative oval tube solution for our heat exchangers; the solution provides ultra-high performance as the air flow pressure drop is reduced whilst passing through the heat exchangers, which, in turn, reduces friction.

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