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Discover the new Selection Tool

Selection Tool is the new Refrion configurator – developed entirely by our R&D department which made use of Advantech Time and Stream’s experience in the thermodynamic and acoustic fields, and of MV Labs for the design of the Cloud architecture and the User Experience.

The software allows prospective clients to choose the dry coolers and ventilated units that best meet their needs, by calculating their performance under the actual working conditions to which the units will be subjected.

The Selection Tool is based on the results obtained from the tests performed in the Refrion Climatic Chamber, where we certify the performance of our dry coolers and condensers under standard test conditions (EN 1048) and the exact operating conditions defined by the client. The Refrion Climatic Chamber is one of the biggest dry cooler-dedicated performance testing laboratories in Europe.

The Selection Tool guarantees:

  • a more reliable thermodynamic calculation;
  • constant updates;
  • a quicker calculation time.

The new Selection Tool with its extremely powerful calculation engine, proves to be a versatile solution as it checks the performance of the selected unit under the exact working conditions, in a faster and more precise manner.

Furthermore, the energy analysis is more reliable, due to the updated climatic condition database.

With the Selection Tool, prospective clients can also save the calculation results to return to the quote at a later stage; a feature that makes the design phase even easier and more convenient.

We also took our clients’ design requirements into account when creating the Selection Tool; in fact, the new interface is completely user friendly and ultra-intuitive to help guide the user through the calculation operations and allow them to easily compare the units in the Refrion range.

In addition to the latest innovations concerning first and foremost, the new distribution systems and reduced water consumption for the Refrion adiabatic systems, the Selection Tool will be regularly updated to include all the new Refrion products. The latest additions to the dry cooler and condenser range have already been added, such as the new Wall Super Jumbo and the new Ecooler that’s compact enough for container shipping.

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