After-Sales Care

After-sales service

CARE is the consulting and after-sales service that guarantees the excellence of the Refrion units and extends their life.
Refrion CARE was created with the aim of supporting customers in the management and maintenance of the Refrion units and of the devices applied (consumables, electrical and electronic components) during the entire life cycle of the machine, from the commissioning to the revamping of obsolete units.



The reasons to rely on Refrion CARE:


• Consulting approach, always customer-oriented;
• Restoring and maintaining the coolers’ performance;
• Return on efficiency, regarding both the individual units and the plant;
• Product life cycle extension;
• Economic and environmental savings;
• Safety and compliance with current regulations;
• Dedicated assistance through the parent company and CARE authorized centers;

Refrion CARE represents the new way of carrying out the After Sale Service. CARE interventions are covered by a 2-year warranty.

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Refrion can fully inspect your equipment. This will allow you to keep the operating costs low, prevent downtime or keep emergency repair and replacement costs low.

Our team of experts oversee the inspection of the installed units and provide precise guidance on the interventions and modifications needed to optimise the machine’s operation.

Our specialists will send you a full inspection report which will include:

  • A full description of the condition of the ventilated unit
  • A detailed list of recommended maintenance work
  • Recommended upgrades and spare parts
  • Guidance concerning the benefits that can be obtained

The Refrion technicians can:

  • Install the units and ensure that the minimum installation requirements are met.
  • Point out any necessary changes.
  • Start the installed unit by checking that it has been correctly installed and is functioning optimally by means of thorough checks on all the unit’s functions.
  • Provide specific training regarding the functions of the machine and installed devices.

Once the checks are complete, the Refrion specialists will send a complete start-up report which will allow the client to obtain a 6-month extended guarantee, valid from the start-up date.

You can request a periodic planned maintenance contract, which involves the maintenance being carried out by Refrion technicians on both new systems and pre-existing systems.

Refrion can also provide theoretical training courses and practical segments on custom-built prototypes upon request.

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Refrion offers a periodic cleaning service that covers the entire unit, including any electrical, electronic, or hydraulic installed devices. This operation is vital for ensuring that the ventilated unit functions properly as it guarantees optimal performance and prevents build-up that can be harmful both to human health and the service life of the unit.

We recommend cleaning the units at least once a year.

Refrion original spare parts will always ensure that the ventilated units work properly.

  • A completely safe system
  • Optimal performance
  • Low management costs
  • Machine downtime is minimised
  • Maximum service life

Refrion’s Revamping is the modernization and upgrading service of industrial coolers through the replacement of obsolete components with the latest generation components and technologies. All this takes place with reduced timing and low costs.
Refrion’s Revamping interventions also have a high environmental value, extending the life cycle of the cooling system and in some cases, postponing its scrapping.

The advantages of Refrion Revamping:

  • Increase performance and improve efficiency
  • Ensure greater reliability of the unit
  • Reduce dry cooler’s acoustic emissions
  • Obtain significant water and energy savings
  • Extend the machine’s life cycle
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

The use of an adiabatic system for the pre-cooling of the intake air allows to increase the efficiency and extend the life of the cooling system.

The Abiabatic Revamping of Refrion intervenes on the Dry Cooler by implementing one of its own Adiabatic systems in the unit, Spray, H.S.S and Industrial.


5 reasons to choose Refrion Adiabatic Revamping:

  • Increased cooling capacity
  • Increased efficiency with consequent reduction in energy consumption
  • Extended life cycle of the machine
  • Compliance with all regulations, including health regulations (no risk of legionella)
  • Extended 2-year warranty on treated units

The Refrion Adiabatic Revamping is an intervention that can be performed on all Refrion units, but not only. In fact, the PADS Industrial Adiabatic System is the optimal solution for equipping machinery of other brands with the Refrion adiabatic technology, all with reduced timing and low costs.

In order to provide the best possible after-sales service, Refrion introduces the CARE authorized centers. The facilities are identified directly by Refrion, which directly provides the theoretical and practical training of the staff involved.
From inspections to commissioning, from maintenance to Revamping, choosing an authorized Refrion CARE center means:

  • Having specialized personnel available, trained directly by the parent company;
  • Reducing machine downtime / plant downtime;
  • Having the warranty on the execution of the requested works;
  • Being ensured interventions at reduced costs if they are scheduled at the time of purchase of the Refrion unit.

The Refrion service technicians guarantee:

  • that the most suitable spare parts are selected
  • minimum downtime
  • an impeccable and guaranteed execution of every requested processing task
  • that the equipment’s original performance will be restored, whilst preserving its characteristics as well as possible.


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