We have chosen to be a future-proof company. By that we mean fulfilling our mission of cooling industrial and production systems with full respect for natural resources.

That is because we believe that caring for the planet is not just a question of ethics and common sense, but a necessity. An obligation that must take the form of effective actions and measures, capable of achieving tangible results. The everyday choices that we make determine the footprint we’re going to leave behind. We have opted for progress that fully respects our host environment.

That’s why we can say that Refrion is part of the COOL GENERATION.

It is also a European market leader in the ventilated equipment sector. The group was founded in 2002 and today employs over 100 professionals in its various companies, where they produce Dry Coolers, air-cooled condensers and heat exchangers.


Among the first in Europe in the field of ventilated devices

Over 100 employees for maximum operational flexibility

Cutting-edge technologies for top efficiency and reduced consumption

Owner of one of the largest climatic chambers in Europe

Our vision is curiosity

Entering uncharted territory, taking the road less travelled and marking the way. We have an optimistic working culture aimed at proactivity and towards continuous change. Our curiosity allows us to anticipate changes and plan ahead.
We aspire to be Europe’s leading developer of coolers. We aim to replace obsolete cooling systems. We improve the efficiency of systems.

Our mission is courage

We boast a bold, deliberately adventurous strategy that involves taking educated risks to pursue challenging goals. We are problem solving-oriented. We face every challenge with maximum operational flexibility and use the best technologies to propose only the best solutions in terms of efficiency and reduced energy consumption.
We develop technologically advanced industrial coolers pursuing precise and highly important objectives which we share with our customers: greater energy savings, lower water consumption, reduced environmental impact.

The commercial lifecycle at Refrion