Designed to continuously and homogeneously regulate the speed of EC motors using MODBUS RS485 serial communication protocol, as well as control and run diagnostics on on-board systems (adiabatic systems, pressure, temperature and humidity sensors, UV lamps). With the technology used on Electronic Commutation (EC) fans, operation is versatile and optimal with the consequent energy savings and noise reduction. Any faults/anomalies are univocally identified in a detailed way. The control panel is supplied installed, wired, programmed and ready-to-use.
The units can also be controlled remotely via the Refrion Monitoring System, which displays the touchscreen panel commands on your computer. An extremely functional solution requiring only a Wi-Fi or Ethernet LAN connection, by simply connecting a router to the electrical panel.





  1. Power supply: 3-phase 380-480V/50-60Hz.
  2. Certifications: UL, CSA, EC.
  3. UV resistant; protection class IP55.
  4. CAREL 4,3” touchscreen color display.
  5. Protective Screen.
  6. Lockable door.
  7. Main switch.
  8. Key operated switch for maintenance.
  9. Fans alarm red light.
  10. CAREL Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
  11. “FLEXI” multi-pin plug/socket connectors.
  12. Fans protection with circuit breakers.