The purpose of the Eurovent “Certify-All” certification programme for heat exchangers is to encourage honest competition and to assure customers that the equipment is correctly rated. The programme covers 3 product groups:
  • Unit Air Coolers
  • Air Cooled Condensers
  • Dry Coolers
The “Certify-All” principle ensures that, for heat exchangers, all models in the three product categories are submitted for certification, not just some models chosen by the manufacturer. A product energy class scheme has been incorporated into the certification programme, based on 6 classes from “A+” to “E” in order to provide a guide to the best choice of product: this enables the user to minimize life-cycle costs, including running costs which account for a much superior sum than the initial investment cost. 

Scope of Certification

The Eurovent Certification Programme for Heat Exchangers applies to the following products:
  • 50 Hz DX air coolers from 1.5 kW at SC2
  • Air cooled condensers from 2 kW at DT1=15K
  • Dry coolers using axial flow fans

Certification Requirements

  • Qualification: units selected by eurovent Certita certification shall be tested in an Independent Laboratory.
  • Repetition procedure: units selected from regular production shall be tested on a yearly basis.

Certified Performance Items

  • Standard capacity [kW]
  • Fan power input [kW]
  • Air volume flow [m3/h]
  • External surface area [m2]
  • Energy ratio [-]
  • Energy class [-]
For Dry coolers:
  • Liquid side pressure drop [kPa]
For Air cooled condensers and Dry coolers:
  • A-weighted sound pressure level [dB(A)]
  • A-weighted sound power level [dB(A)]


When tested in independent laboratory, the characteristics obtained shall not differ from the claimed values by more than:
  • Standard: -8%
  • Fan power input: +10% with a minimum of 3W
  • Air volume flow: +/-10%
  • External surface area: +/-4%
  • Liquid side pressure drop: +20%
  • A-weighted sound pressure level: +2 dB(A)
  • A-weighted sound power level: +2 dB(A)

ECC Reference Documents

  • Certification manual
  • Operational Manual OM-2
  • Rating standard RS 7/C/008

Testing Standards

  • Thermal Performance EN 328
  • Thermal Performance EN 327
  • Thermal Performance EN 1048
  • Acoustics EN 13487