Refrion is… climatic chamber. Andrea Moretti

Being unique in a competitive and constantly developing market is certainly a real and great strategic advantage. An advantage that Refrion has thanks to its special climatic chamber, the largest in Europe.

This laboratory is able to carry out the witness tests that certify the performance of each company’s machine. The climatic chamber can test dry coolers and air cooled condensers with or without adiabatic systems and is equipped with a series of controls that allow the all indoor climate conditions regulation. Furthermore, it can process units up to 14 meters long.

Any dry cooler and air cooled condenser, even with specific applications, can be tested in various and different conditions so as to allow the customer to verify, in real time, all the performance of the machine.

Let’s see how Andrea Moretti, Sales Engineer, tells us in detail the elements that make Refrion so unique and inimitable: