Dry cooler and evaporative systems, which one has a truly competitive advantage?

The cooling solutions market is entering in a new era.

We are talking about the transition from evaporative system to dry cooling units.

There are pros and cons for each solution, but only one has a truly competitive advantage.

Evaporative system

Choosing an evaporative system means rely on cooling towers, a solution based on a technology that operate at high capacity and efficiency, matched to optimal water consumption.


Dry coolers

Dry coolers, on the other hand, are built around the concept of indirect enthalpy exchange that can also operate in the adiabatic cooling region. That means that these machines have an edge over cooling towers in low to medium efficiency cooling systems.

Adiabatic systems

Because of the potential of adiabatic dry coolers, Refrion has decided to stake everything on this technology.


This strategic decision has allowed the company to become the market leader for adiabatic technology.


Adiabatic First, not just a slogan, but one of the pillars of Refrion’s #CoolGeneration