Refrion launches the new app for iOS and Android. With more appealing design compared to its predecessor, the Refrion app is extremely intuitive and simple to use. It also has many integrated functions to give the user real, prompt help.
Customers can use their login details to access a reserved area and use the new Service section to send a request for support during start-up, spare parts, training or even system revamping directly to Refrion customer service with extreme ease. For spare parts, for example, you just need to select the original purchase order, pick the product from the menu, enter the required quantity and simply click to send your request. Refrion customer service will then get to work immediately to send out an offer promptly.


Besides the Service section, the new Refrion app also includes the general company information section and the Tools area.
The general company area has been developed so users have rapid access to all area manager contacts, product technical data divided for dry coolers and remote condensers, and also an overview of the main technologies employed by the Group: from our exclusive oval tube system – which drastically reduces pressure drops and improves performance by 15% – to the three spray, HSS or PADS adiabatic systems, which have always been one of Refrion’s core strengths, with detailed studies of functions and accessories. And that’s not all. This area contains all the data on the Refrion climatic chamber, which is the largest dedicated liquid cooler performance testing area in Europe, but also links to company news and options to download and view all product catalogues.


The Tools section contains a useful converter and psychrometric diagram which allows customers to check the efficiency of each Refrion adiabatic system type in real-time: just enter work conditions, dry bulb temperature and relative humidity to have temperature reductions associated with the spray, HSS or PADS adiabatic system delivered to your phone.


The new Refrion app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free from App Store and Google Play Store.