Ecoolers used to cool a data center – France

Cooling Capacity
1700KW per unit


To cool a data centre in the centre of Paris: we were requested to design a system with a 10 MW heat dissipation that would guarantee a low noise level and reduced water consumption.

Refrion offers a wide range of data centre solutions, where the cooling system requires greater power to ensure that the technical equipment performs at an optimal level.

All with the aim of minimising energy consumption and environmental impact.


Refrion provided six Ecoolers with a double water recirculation pump for this system.

These Dry or Liquid Coolers are fitted with an adiabatic air saturation and water recirculation system which maximises the period of use under “free cooling” conditions.

In general, Refrion’s Ecooler range guarantees a low noise pollution impact and ease of maintenance, due to the fact that the inside of the machine is fully accessible, which in turn, means that all the hydraulic system’s components can be inspected.

The installed models are fitted with UV lamps that fully sterilise the water.

The Ecooler dry coolers are also fitted with the exclusive Refrion oval tubes which guarantee a higher performance, thanks to the reduced air-side pressure drops and the consequent improved fan performance with a not-insignificant energy saving.


6 Ecoolers (EP5C 1712.8/2)


1700 kW per unit


  • Fluid: 25% ethylene glycol
  • IN/OUT temp. = 47/40°C
  • Ambient = 35°C – 40% Relative Humidity
  • Noise: less than 50 dB(a) at 10 m per unit

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