Refrion è… gestione della qualità – Massimo Strappaghetti

The quality of Refrion’s dry coolers and air cooled condensers is also due to the quality management system.

A method which allows us not only to become a leader in the cooling solutions market, but also encourages us to do better every day.

This is the culture of quality in Refrion. A value shared through the entire company structure, that serves as motivation for all our employees.

In this way the individual becomes the embodiment of quality management, allowing us to carry out really ambitious projects.

Implementing a quality system also allows us to be a really dynamic company, always up to date when it comes to managing processes and procedures.

An example? Being green in everything we do, subject of interest and stimulus for all employees of the company. A boost that turned out to be an effective catalyst for the results.

Another successful son of Refrion’s Cool Generation, as explained by the quality manager Massimo Strappaghetti.

Enjoy the video.