Refrion is… technology – Benjamin Hilbrecht

Our cooling systems are positioned at the top of the category for technological innovation and customization. In fact, all our solutions are custom built, considering the operating scenario and the environmental constraints.
To make this possible, we have applied the best technologies to all company functions, from R&D to the sales department.
An example? The Refrion Selection Tool online configurator, developed by our research and development team.
A constantly updated tool that incorporates the entire range of dry coolers and condensers. A tool that make possible verifying the performance of the unit under the exact working conditions.
A decision dictated by a need, to make navigation easier within the extensive Refrion range. The target? Making Refrion’s sales department more efficient than ever.
This is also part of the Cool Generation, as Benjamin Hilbrecht, sales technician for Refrion Deutschland GMBH, can confirm.
Enjoy the video.