Refrion Metal Sheets inaugurates its new enlarged facility to keep growing

More space, more technology, more competitiveness. RMS, a Refrion Group company, has recently inaugurated a new area of its production plant.

The total area has almost doubled, going from 1800 to 3300 square meters and makes room for new-generation machinery. A significant investment to keep up with the technological revolution 4.0 which also involved the redevelopment of human resources in the context of the digitalization of production processes. Interconnected machinery and reorganization of management procedures aim to improve efficiency and reduce costs by increasing competitiveness.

The company has already achieved a 20% increase in turnover over the last two years and has planned a further average annual growth of 5% for the next five years to reach 5 million €. 50% of the turnover is now guaranteed by the mother company Refrion, to which RMS supplies most of the metal components for its production, while the remaining half is to be attributed largely to companies in North-East Italy. The target in the RMS business plan is to modify this mix and increase the turnover share of “external” customers up to 70-75%.

The growth plan of Refrion Metal Sheet is part of the broader development strategy of the Refrion Group aimed at winning more and more shares in the liquid cooler market.