Care Revamping Service: the solution for increasingly high-performance Refrion units.

Refrion’s CARE Revamping Service is the new offering which allows for the most obsolete cooling units to be updated, by replacing out-of-date electrical and electronic components with the latest generation Refrion technologies.
The Revamping process includes various interventions aimed at both restoring the units’ original operating conditions (i.e. retrofitting) and extending the machines’ service life, power and efficiency.
An example of Revamping that leads to a considerable increase in system performance is Adiabatic Revamping; this is achieved by integrating adiabatic solutions with already-operational units, whether they be Refrion models or those from other brands on the market.
Refrion offers 4 different Adiabatic Revamping solutions, each chosen according to the different needs and operating conditions:

• Adiabatic Revamping with the Spray system, whereby the intake air is humidified by means of water nebulisation.

• Adiabatic Revamping with the hybrid H.S.S. system, in which the exchange surface is cooled by directly nebulising water onto the heat exchanger.

• Adiabatic Revamping with the open or closed-circuit PADS system, which humidifies the intake air by means of special adiabatic cellulose panels.