Inlet air humidification system through water atomisation. A very thin water mist generated by specific nozzles fills and humidifies the inlet air, thus making it colder, depending on the different working conditions.


  • Hydrophilic coating of the aluminium fins: weakens the surface tension of water and expedites the formation of a thin film of water on the fins.
  • Control box (protection class IP65) factory fitted on the unit and fitted with electronic controls.
  • Main inlet and drain solenoid valves.
  • Thermostat to command the drainage of the system in the cold season.
  • Pressure regulator and gauge, pressure switch.
  • Water strainer.
  • SOFTWATER device to help preventing scale on the fins.
  • Sparge system factory fitted to the unit and made of 25mm UV resistant multilayer tubes with atomising nozzles.


  • The unit can be sized according to an air inlet design temperature that is much lower than the ambient temperature (TCALC << TAMB) (see example).
  • A smaller sized unit, with a smaller heat exchanger surface can be selected.
  • The unit can be used to cool the liquid to a temperature lower than the ambient temperature.
  • The Industrial Adiabatic System combined with “EC” electronic switching fans, an “Intelliboard” PLC or with a Speed controller, lowers energy consumption, Sound Emission Levels and optimizes water use.
  • No risk of legionella contamination.