Adiabatic coolers – The Hybrid Spray System: the new Refrion live webinar

Refrion‘s innovation lies in the search for cutting-edge technological solutions aimed at satisfying every plant need.

Therefore we have developed three different adiabatic systems to ensure maximum system efficiency for different environmental conditions.

Among these, the Hybrid Spray System – H.S.S. guarantees cooling of the exchange surface by direct water nebulization.

But why choose the H.S.S ?

What are the differences with the other two adiabatic systems?

To learn about all the potential and advantages of the Hybrid Spray System – H.S.S.  take part in our live webinar on Wednesday 3rd February 2021 at 15.00 (Rome, GTM + 01: 00).

Connect with Ervin Di Gleria to know all the features and advantages of the Hybrid Spray System.

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