CARE has landed: the Refrion Care Service: an after-sales support service for dry coolers and condensers

Henceforth CARE – the after-sales consultancy and assistance service offered by Refrion to guarantee the excellence of the company’s units, whilst preserving their performance and extending their service life – will be an available option for all Dry Coolers and refrigeration units.

With CARE, Refrion guarantees comprehensive client support, by means of a department specialised in managing and maintaining unit-fitted devices.

Thanks to CARE, the service life of Refrion units can be extended, whilst always ensuring optimum performance and a net saving, in terms of environmental and economic impact.





Refrion’s specialist technicians are always on hand to provide either on-site or remote interventions, such as inspection, monitoring, commissioning and scheduled routine maintenance activities, whilst also handling all original spare part requests.

However, that’s not all, Refrion’s CARE service also offers the new revamping service: the programme created with the aim of restoring and updating systems that have since become obsolete, by replacing the electrical and electronic components with the latest generation devices, and also installing adiabatic systems on dry units; a solution that significantly increases unit performance and consequently results in significant energy savings.