Refrion is… innovation. Andrea Grion

The market requires companies to always be at the forefront and to anticipate the future market trend, offering cutting-edge technical solutions that can create more opportunities for customers.

But what are the technical innovations that Refrion has proposed on the market?

The oval tube is certainly the innovation that distinguishes the company from its competitors. This type of product allows for a lower air pressure drops when crossing through the exchanger. Higher air flow rates mean increased heat exchange capacity.

Another important innovation are the adiabatic systems that Refrion has developed for multiple refrigeration applications such as process cooling, datacenter cooling, industrial refrigeration, civil air conditioning or commercial refrigeration.

What’s goal’s company?

The main goal is to develop each machine like a fully-optimised unit. To acchieve this outcome Refrion can count on its climatic chamber, the largest liquid cooler dedicated laboratory in Europe and, for air flow processing capacity, the largest in the world.

Andrea Grion, Refrion’s Technical Manager, explains clearly and precisely to us what innovation means in Refrion.

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