Growing in the name of improvement: new orders, new employees and new headquarters

Next year will mark our 20th anniversary. We are approaching this milestone with an ever-growing order book and turnover.

In addition to our growing presence on the international market, the expansion of the Talmassons headquarters is also in the pipeline; a necessary step that will not only guarantee a safe and welcoming working environment for the whole team but will also strengthen our production capacity.

That way, we can better satisfy market demands and guarantee even shorter delivery times to our customers, so that they can rely (even more so) on the impeccable service that already sets us apart.

We are proud of these results as they were achieved by means of the company’s ability to innovate to adapt to market fluctuations.

We specialise in the industrial sector; an industry that increasingly requires cooling systems that have the least environmental impact possible.

This is why we have embraced environmental sustainability; an ethical yet strategical choice that has allowed us to enter the cogeneration and trigeneration energy, geothermal, nuclear and biogas power plant sectors, in addition to the industrial processing sector (for plastics, textiles, food, oil and gas), and most importantly, the data centre cooling industry.

To support production growth and maintain our quality standards, we have recently added a further 5 positions to our workforce, sourced from some of the area’s major companies.

We do what we do in the hopes of being recognised as the best company in terms of product and service quality, and not as far as turnover is concerned.

A result that is achieved through proactivity, curiosity and a willingness to change. We have always been an innovation-focused company and our strong ideas set us apart.

One notable example is our decision to adopt adiabatic systems; we were one of the first to introduce this innovation which has revolutionised the industrial refrigeration and data centre cooling sectors.

This intelligent solution exploits the physical properties of vaporised water and air to retain an eco-friendly yet efficient technology.

Suffice to say, the Ecooler – the liquid cooler designed with an integrated adiabatic system – allows for water savings of up to 75% compared to cooling towers, in addition to a net energy and CO2 emission reduction.