Refrion news - Certification PED A2L

Refrion obtains the certification for heat exchangers with A2L gases

Refrion obtains the certification for the production of PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) category II finned pack heat exchangers. These new solutions use the A2L refrigerant gas which have a low GWP (Global Warming Potential).

The application of new refrigerant gases, such the A2L, is crucial to increase the environmental sustainability of commercial and industrial cooling solutions.

In fact, traditional refrigerant gases used so far could generate a worrying increase in the greenhouse effect if released into the atmosphere, a process that, as we know, ends to impact the global warming.

Environmental impacts that are measured through the GWP (Global Warming Potential) index, so using a refrigerant with a low GWP is fundamental for eco-sustainability.

The decision to use the A2L gases it was an easy one for Refrion because it fully complies with our company mission to safeguard our planet, as well as meet the recent regulations, which are meant to make obsolete the highly polluting refrigerants with an high GWP value.

In addition to the environmental sustainability, safety is also an important topic. This is why obtain the PED category II certification is necessary condition to produce heat exchangers that will use low-impact refrigerant gases

PED II certification: another leap forward for the CoolGeneration.

Refrion news - Certification PED A2L