New tests conducted in the Refrion Climatic Chamber to improve the performance of the H.S.S. adiabatic system

The goal: to quickly and directly acquire know-how. With this in mind, in addition to the prospect of further improving the performance of our adiabatic Dry Coolers and reaffirming our pole position on the market, we performed further tests on the Hybrid Spray System (H.S.S.); the adiabatic saturation system that offers the best performance, as far as pre-cooling the air entering the exchanger is concerned.

The tests conducted in collaboration with the researchers of Advantech Time – a research facility originally established as a spin-off of the University of Udine – and performed inside our Climatic Chamber – the first in Europe specifically designed to test ventilated units – allowed for a deeper study into the combined phenomenon of adiabatic air saturation and latent heat evaporation (as illustrated in the diagram below).





The test allowed us to obtain a more precise mathematical model to be implemented within our Selection Tool, the exclusive selection programme that identifies the Refrion unit most suited to a specific application, by calculating the same’s performance under the actual operating conditions to which it will be subjected.
By analysing these tests, we were also able to evaluate, in measurable terms, the change in performance as the different heat exchanger protection systems themselves were varied.
This allowed for a first tangible environmental and economic result, i.e. analysing the specific technical solutions to optimise nozzle layout (reduce the number or decrease the volumetric flow rate) whilst still being able to homogeneously wet the heat exchanger’s entire front surface.