The innovative thermodynamic calculation software for dry coolers and other Refrion ventilated units.

The countdown has begun: the new Refrion Selection Tool is a calculation programme that has been developed and calibrated in-house by our R&D department.

This new thermodynamic calculation software for dry coolers and other Refrion ventilated units is even more accurate and reliable than the current Web Selector, which will be replaced by the Selection Tool.

With its extremely powerful calculation engine, the Selection Tool proves to be a versatile solution. Designers are presented with a useful tool that checks the performance of the selected units, under various working conditions, in an even faster and more precise manner, in turn, ensuring the suitability of their chosen plant engineering solution.

The selections will be extremely precise – especially the electronic fan-equipped range of Refrion products – as the software is able to calculate the exact operating point of the fan in order to provide the most advantageous solution.

We also took our clients’ feedback into account when creating the Selection Tool; in fact, the new interface is completely user friendly to help guide the user through the calculation operations.

In addition to the latest innovations concerning first and foremost, the new distribution systems and reduced water consumption for our adiabatic systems, the Selection Tool will also contain an ever wider range of products, due to the introduction of new Refrion products:

  • A “compact” Ecooler range suitable for container shipping.
  • The “Wall” range for all Superjumbo models.
  • An enhanced and more powerful version of the current Ecooler range.

With the new Refrion Selection Tool, a new software era is about to begin.

Stay tuned, stay cool