The new Refrion solution: the V-Shape with an internal recirculation tank

Here at Refrion, we have always been attentive to Environmental and Ecological issues and as such, we have always strategically designed and developed our units with water and energy-saving objectives in mind, as far as the cooling process is concerned.
For this reason, we patented the Ecooler in 2014; the first Dry Cooler with a closed adiabatic system that boasts water savings of up to 90%, compared to an open adiabatic unit without a water storage and recirculation tank.

Over time, we have expanded the range of Refrion adiabatic equipment comprising a water recirculation system to the entire range of the V-Shape Dry Coolers; due to the restrictive technical and legislative standards regarding the hygienic safety of the systems – which provide for easy accessibility to the recirculation system for facilitated maintenance purposes – the tanks have instead always been designed to be fitted on the outside.
This technical requirement has always led to both practical and economic problems, due to the fact that it significantly increases the machine’s footprint and sometimes restricts the layout of the systems in which the units are installed, whilst also increasing transport-related costs.



Refrion_dry_cooler_HSS_con vasca_interna


With the help of our Research and Development department, we have succeeded in developing a new solution for our V-Shape Dry Coolers, complete with an internal recirculation tank that meets all the accessibility requirements, whilst keeping the overall length of the machines equal to those unit cells equipped with adiabatic saturation systems (without water recirculation).

The access to the recirculation pump, level sensor, UV biocide chamber and the conductivity sensor is guaranteed, similarly to the Ecooler range, with the inspection doors being built into the triangular brackets that support the heat exchangers. Furthermore, the storage tank can be fully removed for unscheduled maintenance or complete replacement, as and when necessary.

A solution that makes our V-Shape Dry Coolers – complete with a closed adiabatic system and an internal recirculation tank – a highly eco-sustainable technical option, with respect to other conventional Dry Coolers on the market.