Superjumbo units to cool a University Hospital – France

Cooling Capacity
1200KW per unit


Year: 2020

Country: Reims – France

Field of application: Process cooling


To cool a system installed at the University Hospital of Reims: a low noise system, complete with heat rejection was requested as a result of the complicated layout.

Refrion helped solve the problem with a brand-new system comprising dry coolers from the Superjumbo range and an adiabatic system.


Refrion customised units capable of guaranteeing a high performance at a very low noise level.

The Dry Coolers from the Superjumbo range ensure a high heat exchange capacity, in addition to a lower power consumption and sound levels than other models.

Furthermore, the industrial adiabatic system ensures that the ventilated equipment’s intake air is humidified by means of special adiabatic panels (Pads) which, when installed in front of the heat exchangers, are uniformly wet via a special water distribution system.

The air passing through the panels is humidified and as shown in the enthalpy diagram, is cooler than the outside air (sometimes by even 10°C), as a result of using the water’s latent heat.

The Superjumbo dry coolers are also fitted with the exclusive Refrion oval tubes which guarantee an ultra-high performance, thanks to the low air-side pressure drops caused by their aerodynamic shape.

This Refrion oval tube geometry improves performance by up to 15% compared to similar round tube geometries.


6 Superjumbo dry coolers (EQPC 2790.5/2)


1200 kW per unit


  • Fluid: 30% ethylene glycol
  • IN/OUT temp. = 45/38°C
  • Ambient = 32°C – 40% Relative Humidity
  • Noise: less than 52 dB(a) at 10 m per unit

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