Refrion is… adiabatic system. Luca Ballestriero

What is Refrion’s distinctive feature?

This question is answered by Luca Ballestriero, Area Manager South-Eastern Europe, stating that Refrion stands out because it is able to offer a complete range of adiabatic systems that meet different needs in terms of plant engineering.

Refrion offers three solutions:

  • the adiabatic spray system is the inlet air humidification system through water atomisation. Ideal for emergency situations, to manage unexpected temperature peaks.
  • the industrial adiabatic system (PADS) is the Inlet air humidification system by means of special adiabatic cellulose panels. The panels, placed in front of the heat exchangers on the air inlet side, are homogeneously soaked through a distribution system with no water recirculation. They potentially work 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year. Perfect for data centers, for example. This solution satisfy the requirements of the VDI 2047 part 2 standard that certifies the hygienically correct operation of the system
  • the hybrid adiabatic system (HHS) is the cooling system of the heat exchange surface of the equipment through a direct water atomisation. Special water diffusing nozzles atomise the water humidifying and cooling the inlet air. Designed specifically for industrial systems, it guarantees excellent performance with limited water use.


To find out all the details you just have to watch the video interview: